ACCUREL® MP and ACCUREL® XP granules are porous carriers for liquid or low melting additives which are thermally sensitive, reactive, polar, hydrophilic, or hydrophobic.


ACCUREL MP and ACCUREL XP differ in porous structure and porosity level as well as in loading time and loading capacity for the additive. They are made from different polymers: PP, PE, EVA, EMA, PS, PET, PA6, PA12, PC, PLA, ABS, SAN, PMMA, PVOH.

The porous structures in the polymer carriers act like tiny sponges which absorb the additives through capillary forces and keep them inside. Depending on the nature of the additive slightly elevated temperatures, vacuum, and/or wetting agents may accelerate the additive loading process without exposing the additive to an additional heat history.


Based on ACCUREL MP/XP porous carriers, Accurel Systems also offers additive preparations. They are dry, free-flowing, and allow both convenient handling and dosing. Here, additive loadings up to 70% by weight are possible.

A selection of additives loaded on ACCUREL MP/XP carriers

  • Antifog additives
  • Antimicrobials
  • Liquid antioxidants
  • Reactive agents (silanes, peroxides, TAC, TAIC, TMPTMA)
  • Coupling agents
  • Halogenfree flame retardants
  • Fragrances
  • Polydimethylsiloxanes
  • Water, water-based dispersions, salt solutions
  • Enzymes