Additive Carrier Systems

Turning Liquids into Solids for the Plastics Industry.

The global demand of plastics is increasing year over year and in almost every corner of the world plastics are part of the human environment. Daily life without plastics appears to be impossible. However, most neat plastic materials exhibit quite poor properties and require additives to improve their processing and performance.

ACCUREL® Systems offer carrier technologies and solutions, especially for liquid and low melting additives, which are otherwise difficult to handle. Proprietary technology allows the incorporation of large additive amounts into a thermoplastic polymer matrix, either direct or via porous polymer carriers.

ACCUREL products support a broad range of plastic applications - such as films, foams, fibres, injection moulding, nonwovens and wire & cable - and are widely used by polymer producers, additive suppliers, compounders, masterbatchers and converters.

ACCUREL Systems are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and have been serving the plastics industry for more than 25 years.